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Situated in the picturesque Moutere Hills in Nelson, this family owned boutique winery produce a wide range of quality drops. The wines that Moutere Hills produce are single vineyard wines grown on the Moutere Clays in a unique, sun-drenched microclimate.

These wines appear on the wine lists of several reputable establishments across New Zealand and are an example of truly magnificent New Zealand wine

What's in the box:

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2020 Chardonnay

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2019 Sarau Reserve Chardonnay

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2021 Sauvignon Blanc

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2020 Pinot Gris

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2019 Chenin Blanc

πŸ‘‰Β Moutere Hills 2020 Riesling

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