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A passion for hospitality

Thank you for visiting us from the Trade!

The hospitality trade is in our blood. It’s where it all started for our Founder, Jorn Dijkstra as an 18 year old which led to a long career in luxury hotels. Hospitality is also where it all started for the Powerhouse Wine Company. Our brands got their footing in great eateries and bars, gaining a successful following that would then lead to a successful transition into retail for some of our labels.

Through our extensive experience with wine on both sides of the industry, we can also offer you complimentary services such as:

+ Curation of your Wine List - including the sourcing wines outside my offering, balancing of margins (to ensure wines are priced both competitively and profitably) and the design and print of the list itself

+ Staff training - ensuring your team has a sound base knowledge of wine and how to be of the best service to your customers

+ In Store Wine Tastings 

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