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This gin is a masterfully crafted symphony of flavours. The combination of cardamom, citrus, cloves, liquorice, and orange peel creates a well balanced and complex profile that invites exploration. Each component contributes its unique character, resulting in a gin that is both refreshing and intriguing.


This gin has a clear and bright appearance in the glass, hinting at its refreshing nature as it shimmers.


The aroma is a delightful blend of vibrant citrus and warm spices. It features zesty orange peel, followed by the exotic allure of cardamom, with subtle hints of clove and liquorice, creating a complex and intriguing scent.


The finish is smooth and lingering, with citrus and spices continuing to evolve. The orange peel leaves a bright and zesty impression, while cloves and cardamom maintain their warm and aromatic presence. Liquorice subtly lingers, leaving a sweet, almost herbal note to complete the experience.


Upon the first sip, you'll experience a well-balanced combination of flavours. It starts with a burst of refreshing citrus, followed by the warming embrace of cloves. Cardamom adds an exotic note, while liquorice provides subtle sweetness, adding depth and intrigue to the palate.

40% ABV

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    ✅ London Dry style
    ✅ Refreshing and intriguing
    ✅ Easy to mix, perfect as a go-to gin

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Type: Spirits

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Homebody Gin - Wednesday 700ml